Saturday, 27 August 2011

Stalking Hurricanes

The news is reporting that parts of New York are being evacuated (including Manhattan), with a state of emergency issued as far north as Cape Cod, which looks like it's going to be battered by Hurricane Irene tomorrow. 

Hurricane Irene

I wrote a couple of days ago that whenever I go to the US I always seem to end up dodging disaster (read I don't BELIEVE it! ). 

Well, I am avidly watching the news reports again at the moment. We fly out to Boston on Tuesday and travel around New England before finishing up in New York. We are supposed to be camping, but I think I'll be taking a credit card and wellies in case we have to up-grade!

When I was driving today, I remembered something else. I was actually planning a holiday to New Orleans in 2005. Can't remember why, but I canned that trip and it never got booked. Good job - my planned dates would have seen me right in the middle of Hurricane Katrina!

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