Monday, 29 August 2011

Wedding Blessing

I thought that you might like to see a few photos from our wedding blessing on Friday. Yes I am delighted to declare that even God has now recognised our union. 

It did feel a bit odd to get my sparkly dress out again and be re-newing our vows to each other. I'm delighted to say that Tris was still keen to be married to me!

Well - it would have been rude not to wear the dress again!

Beautiful big sis.

Tris read through the order of blessing in the car on the way down and declared after five minutes that he was fully prepared. 'I do, I do, I will'! He said proudly - his bit learned.

The service went really well, with dad trying to out do me and my sister in a lovely gold embossed cape. We wondered where he was going with his address when he started talking about Ronald Reagan, but he managed to pull it round in the end - impressive!

Unfortunately it did lash it down (what do you expect on an English bank holiday), but I was fine, I had a bridal brolly, which kept me both dry and stylish when I went across the church yard to put my bouquet on mum's grave. 

Out done by my dad!

We had a lovely reception in the Wishing Well pub in the village of Dyke, which was followed by a beer festival in a marquee in an adjoining field. The beer festival was nothing to do with us - purely by chance - but made the males in our party very happy. In fact when they were summoned by their ladies, the message came back that the entrance had collapsed and they were trapped inside, being tended to by the East Anglian Mountain Rescue. 

Party rocks, while husband is stuck in collapsed beer tent.

When a Head Teacher tells you this, you tend to believe her! Off I went into the field in my sparkly frock, at full pelt to help liberate my husband from the collapsed beer tent, to find them all happy as Larry getting as much real ale down their necks as possible and trying to persuade the land lord to make it an annual festival - Dykefest!

Tris also told me about how, as the first people there at the start of the beer festival, they had all been interviewed and photographed by the Bourne Local (newspaper) - wedding suited up and  proudly holding their pints of Old Speckled Pig (or whatever). I was very impressed and promptly put in an order for a copy with my dad. 

That was a wind up too - Tris, I'm sad to say is not doing very well in terms of the 'honesty' part of his wedding vows! Unlike one little girl who, high on a cocktail of fizzy swizzles love hearts and parma violets (she managed to accumulate practically everyones favour boxes) decided to let me into a little secret. 

'Did you know that daddy has a pair of gold sparkly ladies knickers?' She said.

I have to say I didn't - but I do now!

The happy couple - ahhh!

So - this will probably be the last update for a while - we are off tomorrow to have a 'wonderful' honeymoon in Boston, New England and New York. I'm looking forward to lots of amazing adventures which I'll be sure to fill you in on when we get back. Ax

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