Thursday, 20 October 2011

Advertising? Not so good at that!

I mentioned in a recent blog that so far, I'd made a grand total of 26p in advertising!

I have adverts at the bottom of each post and in the side bar. I think I get a kick back if people click on them.

Husband sent shopping - seduced by advertising

I find it funny more than anything. I never started blogging to make money (although every little helps). I was more interested to see what adverts Google AdSense thought appropriate to my articles. I write about all manner of rubbish, so it was bound to be a challenge.

My favourite top 10 so far are:

10. Electrical Services in Yorkshire.
9.  Cheap minibus insurance.
8.  Over 50's singles trips.
7.  Child abuse solicitors.
6.  Small platform lift.
5.  Change your name.
4.  Adult photographer.
3.  Synchronised swim club.
2.  Kayak by Alaska's whales.

And my number one is - Septic tank pumping in Avon!!

No wonder I've yet to become an Internet millionaire.

It'll be interesting to see what adverts the great Google brain thinks appropriate to this post. I have visions of making the whole system implode in on itself - a bit like when you hold up a mirror in front of a mirror and achieve infinity.

Anyway you'll be delighted to know that I'm up to £1.51 now. Thank you to the three people who clicked on an ad link. I'll spend it on something interesting and report back - watch this space!

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