Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cocktails? I can do that!

Cocktail Club is a very exclusive club. 

It's made up of ex- work colleagues who have all since left to do fabulous new things.

We meet every month to try out different cocktail bars in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

Last night, with stories of business trips to China and exciting fundraising projects, we put on our most delicious shoes and headed for Socio Rehab. 

Delicious Kurt Geigers, completely impossible to walk in!
Socio Rehab is hidden away - I walked past it twice, but once inside, hundreds of bottles of weird libations lined the wall behind the bar next to a giant Union Jack SMEG fridge. It was very 'Cool Britannia.'

The cocktail menu was enormous. You could get cocktails with Wham bars in!

It was all too much for me, so the bar man went off piste and let his creative juices flow from his cocktail shaker. Rum based, long and fruity, crowned with pineapple, a fresh strawberry and a retro glow stick. I named it a 'Wonderful Wednesday'! It was just the ticket.

A 'Wonderful Wednesday'.

More lovely cocktails.
With my new married name (Pocock), I'd created my first Po-Cocktail!

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