Friday, 14 October 2011

Cupcakes - how hard can they be?

The last time I creamed butter and sugar and folded in flour was in 1983. I did however get 10 out of 10 for my iced Victoria Sandwich, which I crowned with a floral arrangement stuck onto the lid of a box of Dairylea cheese triangles, which in turn I'd covered with silver foil.

It was a triumph, the like Mexborough Comprehensive had never seen before, and was unlikely to see again.

How do you crown that?

The answer is, you can't. 

And so like stifly whisked egg whites, I peaked.

That was, until yesterday. For some reason - goodness knows what it was - I had the urge to make cupcakes! 

The world has gone mad recently for cupcakes. Even I have my own supplier! Emmylou from Lily Bud Cupcakes, who made beautiful cupcakes for my wedding (raspberry ripple sponge and white chocolate icing) with little blue butterflies, which were so delicious they disappeared into people's mouths as soon as they were put on the stand.

Wedding cupcakes.

Cupcakes, really - how hard can they be? I got 10/10 in domestic science in 1983. Move over Mrs Beeton, here comes 'Mrs Pocock'!

Number 1. Choose your recipe. 

Toffee Apple Cupcakes - topical and seasonal!

Number 2. Go shopping for the ingredients you don't have in your pantry. In my case that would be almost everything - including a pantry.

Number 3. What the hell is Dulce de Leche sauce? Replace with a squeezy bottle of toffee fudge sauce, because it looks really good and contains lots off calories.

Number 4. Spend far too long choosing bun cases and fancy fudgy, crunchy things to put on top.

Number 5. Open the box of soft light brown sugar you've found in the cupboard to find that it actually contains coarse dark brown demerara sugar.

Number 6. Make note to throttle husband!

Number 7. Carry on anyway - "I'm sure it will be fine......."

If you are interested in the recipe and method - then click on this link for Toffee Apple Cupcakes

Mrs Pocock's Cook Book - available now in time for Christmas
It is a really nice recipe - it uses cinnamon and cloves and apples boiled in sugar and lemon juice until they go mushy. 

Despite using the wrong sugar, it was all going very well and the bowl and spoon tasted delicious.

Into the fan assisted oven with you (30 mins, 160 degrees C)

The kitchen smelt amazing and Tris was highly impressed when he got home from work. He thought he was in the wrong house. 

"Don't forget - I have an apron now," I reminded him.

Yes - it's a lot of fun!

30 minutes later - the timer on the cooker 'pinged' and I had made CAKES!

That's magic.

Toffee Apple Cupcakes.

 And although the icing went a bit wrong, because I got carried away and over whipped my cream. The addition of toffee fudge sauce and honeycomb sprinkles was a stroke of genius. They were bloody lovely.

I am a baking genius.

Ahh - I bet you want to be friends with me on Facebook now!

 I don't think Emmylou at Lilybud Cupcakes has anything to worry about yet - but when I invest in an icing bag - well that's a whole different kettle of cupcakes.



  1. I am well impressed.

  2. I can vouch for the speed at which Ali and Tris' wedding cupcakes disappeared, but sadly I was not culpable...