Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Final throw of the Mo

The finest mo in Manchester is in its final throws. In just over 24 hours the mo will go.

I can't say I'll be too sad. But it's always good fun and a bit of a talking point. And secretly I'm quite proud of Tris' manly hairiness which is considerably better than that of Gary Lineker.

For those of you who missed my previous updates, it's all about Movember.

Movember is an international initiative which aims to raise awareness of and funds for research into male cancers.
This year I've named Tris' mo - Mallory. It's his second name and is in keeping with the Edwardian Music Hall impresario he has morphed into. It's become his alter ego. 

So let us back track and watch the mo grow with a bit of a mo-ntage (everybody needs a montage!)


I think we've ended up with Lemmy from Motorhead!

There is still time to support MoBro Tris - click here for his MoSpace site.

He's currently got  £80 on his MoSpace site and he's been harrassing his students with a bucket so it's looking like he's going to have raised quite a bit of mo-ney.

Personally - I'll be sponsoring him to shave it off :-)

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