Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The great fish finger sandwich debate

It's time for a change of pace and a little bit of nostalgic comfort.

One woman's disaster it seems, is another woman's lunch!

Yesterday my friends toddler decided to look inside the freezer - and then promptly forgot to close the door which resulted in an avalanche of defrosted assorted fish products. My friend, unable to get through 30 defrosted fish fingers then issued a plea - who could take them off her hands?

In these days of impoverished austerity, who am I to look a gift fish finger in the gills? So faster than jaws with the munchies, I snapped her hand off.

It's a long time since I had a fish finger in my fridge - I'd forgotten how much I'd missed them - a real taste of childhood.

Fabulously fishy.

But then comes the dilemma - brown sauce or tomato ketchup?

Sauce roulette.

For me there is no competition - it's tomato sauce all the way - though to add a curved ball, I threw in a slice of cheese! It was the cods b*llocks!

Cheese and fish, so wrong, but so right!

My cheese layer is a throw back to when I was little. Mum would sprinkle grated cheese and bacon bits on the top of the fingers, and then grill them. We'd eat them with baked beans. It was a lovely, yummy tea.

We've all got our own fish finger memories - go on - tell me - what are your FFS (fish finger sandwich) memories?

The best story will win some ....... really great fish fingers!!


  1. The bread HAS to be toasted, fish fingers layered with a bit of ketchup and lots of mayo. No other option

  2. Stodgy white bread and tomato sauce. No use trying to healthy this up with nutty brown bread and the like!

    Fish finger butties remind me of primary school lunchtimes. We'd dash home and mum would let us sit on the sofa to eat them, with a dining chair pulled in front of us to act as a little table. We'd watch You and Me at the same time. Happy days!

  3. Great piece! I think I need more fish fingers in my life. Haven't had any in ages.

  4. I have recently become a pescatarian and I would have happily helped out but for the logistics. Personal preference: 3 fish fingers, oven chips, baked beans (not touching on the plate), vinegar and ketchup. Now who said I was a fussy eater?!

  5. That sandwich looked amazing! Loving the idea of throwing a few chips in as well though...

  6. Hi Ali, Playing blog catch up! LOVE FF sandwiches - what a great memory.....but my touch was a layer of heinz salad cream on thick white slided bread