Friday, 18 November 2011

If you do nothing else today .........

Sitting here in 'Wonderful Life Blog Central', I'm feeling smug. This week the 'blog-o-meter' has gone mad - it's so exciting.

The rings are off (they weigh my fingers down), I'm still in my PJ's - yes I know it's lunch time, but I've been busy - and 'Absolute 80's' is on the radio.

Essential items @ 'Blog Central'.

Souvenir by OMD is playing. I'd forgotten how much I love this song. It just gives me tingles.

If you do nothing else today, click on this link and reconnect with the summer of 1981. 

OMG - OMD, I've just the maths and that's 30 years ago! 

So apologies, if you weren't born then, just like John Lennon you'll just have to imagine.

It's my Friday gift to you - enjoy x

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