Thursday, 24 November 2011

"Jesus Christ - BENTON!"

Anyone who has ever owned a Labrador knows that letting them off the lead is a recipe for disaster.

Yes they look cute when they are a puppy, and placid enough when they are lying in a sunny spot. 

My top dog and bezzi pal when I younger, Zebedee.

My Labrador was called Zebedee for a reason. When he got excited, which was often, he would bounce!

When he was about a year old, he escaped from our house, ran straight down the drive (oblivious to our shouts and screams) and across a main road to hump the Lollipop lady!

This hilarious  clip which is trending today of Benton, a young Labrador herding the deer in Richmond park, really made me laugh. It bough back memories of being stranded with Zeb in the middle of a field, bracing myself as The Pytchley Hunt streamed around us hanging on for dear life to a big dog who wanted to join the pack!

Do have a look at the original Benton clip 

Then have a look at some of these others. You Tube is awash with mash ups and remixes. Some funnier than others, but all amusing!

My Name is - Benton
Benton Streisand
Jurassic Park Benton
Benton in London
Benton meets The Lion King
Benton kills Bambi's mother
Benton attacks Grandma

Bored of Benton yet? There are more on You Tube if you've still not had enough (Braveheart Benton, Starship Trooper Benton, Lassie Benton, Benton Takes Manhattan).

Jesus Christ ...... BENTONNNNNNNN!

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