Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Power to the people citizens

Today is going to be an interesting day. The 30th November will go down in British history as the biggest public sector walk out since the general strikes of 1926.

I’ve only just had the similarity pointed out to me, but it does seem that for the last month I have been cohabiting with Lech Walesa. Movember was merely a cover! See yesterday's mo update with a mo-ntage

In fact Tris has just changed his Facebook picture to the one below, so I am now apparently married to the little Polish agitator!

Lech Walesa - Polish political activist.

Like many cities today, a march is planned for Manchester city centre, starting at 11am. Whatever your opinion on the strikes and changes to public sector pensions, it’s a historic day. So I’m off into town to check it out.

What our German guests (from Airbnb) who arrived yesterday will make of it, goodness only knows - to them, Manchester will be a strange combination of public disorder and Christmas markets.

That’s not a bad idea actually, a bit of rabble rousing followed by some gluhwein and a bratwurst!

Power to the people citizens!

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