Friday, 25 November 2011

Published in 'Brides Up North'. Doing the 'I do'

In the words of Coldplay, 'Nobody said it was easy'.

This weeks Brides Up North guest blog is about writing your vows. Where do you find the inspiration to write the most important words you'll (probably) ever say?

Click on the link to read about my search for the perfect words, and six months on - how I'm doing!


  1. We also decided to write our own vows after our first meeting with our registrar-I didn’t even realise you could!!?? It’s funny you mention songs…I remember this like it was yesterday. I had spent forever thinking of what I could say, finding the right tone and avoiding the cheesy clichés. We sat down in our living room and I read mine out, nervous as ever, and was so pleased to see Lee’s face light up as I read the heartfelt words. Now it was his turn…’and I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky…’, stop messing about, I said. He laughed and said he was still working on them. More nerves! The day arrived and I had my notes tucked down my dress (I was never one for public speaking) I said my vows and got a few tears from my lovely Husband to be standing before me. Now it was his turn…’and I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky’…I think I said ‘stop it and turned to roll my eyes at the family sitting to my left but he continued ‘…I’ll be there.’ and then the chorus came from his best men standing next to him ‘I’LL BE THERRREEEEE’!! Just brilliant, and only something Lee could think up! He did continue with some beautiful words after that but the singing was definitely a talking point! You can see my film by following this link I edited it myself and added the ‘best bits’ from the ceremony. If you skip to 4 minutes you will see the moment right there. Oh dear, I’m crying now just thinking about it!! It’s all about making your service personal and Lee got the tone for our day just right :)

  2. Alison, so beautiful as always. I have however made a note to myself to stop reading your blog entries whilst in work, as, I cry every time without fail!!
    Wonderful, thanks for the inspiration! x

  3. Funnily enough I was just looking at my vows this morning as tomorrow is our first anniversary and I thought I should check back that I’m keeping my promises!!! They made me cry yet again as they did the first time we wrote them and then when we stated them in front of our dearly beloved. My poor husband it was like he had homework every time I came home and saw him trying to write them.

    I have two tips,

    1) keep them personal and make them fun too if you want too. We had one line in that our registrar tried to have us change as he thought it not wholly appropriate but once we explained our thinking he relented. Within reason you can have whatever you want take the time to work with your registrar and explain.

    2) Nice as it is to hear them for the first time on the day, it’s was actually better for us to work together on them so we were slightly desensitised as I honestly don’t think we’d have got through the tears to finish the ceremony on the day if we’d heard them for the first time.

    Anyway, a year on I mean them even more than I did when I first said them and still feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have married my wonderful rock of a husband David. We’ll be back at the venue tomorrow and I can’t wait to stand in the same spot and relive!!