Friday, 4 November 2011

Published - regular guest blog in Brides Up North (Name Game)

Hurrah - I'm practically Carrie Bradshaw (..... slightly fatter with less expensive shoes).

After my successful debut in 'Brides Up North' last week I've managed to bag myself a regular (for the moment) guest slot. 

So here I am - the words of wedding wisdom!

Cosmo anyone?

Click on the link. Up for Discussion - The Name Game (and meet Alison).



  1. Oh Alison PLEASE become Alison Popples! Twas my favourite show as a youngster and I would love such a groovy surname!

    Your story is fantastic (and I love your writing!) and I totally understand your feeling about keeping your identity. I really hope you can work together to find something you both feel right with. I am so playing that game tonight.

  2. Hi Alison

    I don’t want to change my name to his, I don’t agree with the concept of a woman having to change her name but also I don’t like the sound of my first name with my OH’s last name. I do still want to acknowledge the wedding and so, as I see it as us joining together, I am going to double-barrel my name. My OH doesn’t want to do this but that’s fine by me, it’s his decision. I am dreading having to explain this to all of his relatives who won’t understand my reasoning and may think I’m snubbing their family but they may surprise me and not care about it.

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you

  3. What a lovely story Alison. I can completely understand where you are coming from, after being McCullough (yes spell that one!) for 34years I felt truly attached to my surname and all it’s wierd and wonderful spellings!! I finally decided to take the plunge and become a Mitchell (yes I have also been nicknamed Peggy). I thought one advantage would be it was easier to spell, how wrong I was – I still get asked how to spell it!! It is a truly difficult decision (made a little bit more fun by wine and scrabble)but I am sure you will eventually make the right one for you xx

  4. What a lovely uplifting post, I love your writing style Alison. I was a little sad when I married to lose my surname as I too am at the end of a female only chain, and that paired with moving from a 3 letter surname to a whopping 9 letter surname had me quivering at the thought of writing cramp, and finding a new signature! That said even though I did opt to take my husbands name I am still very much on the fence about the whole idea, maybe one day times will change and it will be the men that take our name? Though I doubt it. And of course I now think a game of rude word scrabble should be the way forward for every couple about to tie the knot. xx