Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Summary - Foggy Fun

I love being part of the team ........

......and while I'm not quite up to participating in the High Peak Relay just yet, I was part of the team today, transporting runners between the various stages along The Tissington Trail. It was mighty foggy and muddy, but that just made it all the more atmospheric.

Misty moor.

This week has been the best week so far for my blog in terms of page views. Thank you to everyone for reading my posts.

We started this week with a homage to my favourite road, The Snake Pass. Along with The Human League and Jilted John, we think it's snake-tastic!

Mo Bro Tris then revealed his whiskers to the world with his Movember moustache - it looks scarily like the construction worker from The Village People.

On Wednesday we got stoned with another 'Caption the Action Competition'. And I finally got round to baking the cup cakes I'd promised my friend Cat who won the last caption competition. 

I'm right proud of these little beauties!

On Thursday a strange thing happened. Someone somewhere shared the review I did of the James concert at The Bridgewater Hall, which shot up the charts to the second most popular blog I've done to date. I also got some cracking comments. I don't know who you are or what you did, but whoever shared my review - thank you!

We also did a bit of moose spotting on our USA New England road trip with a moose safari!

Thursday was also a bit of a tense day - I had my check up at The Christie (cancer hospital). My appointment was bought forward due to my shingle bells. Thankfully, they were pleased with me and everything was fine - come back in four months. These appointments always fill me with fear (this is what I wrote after my last appointment), so I was extremely relieved to get through it in one piece.

Having earned the princely sum of £9.48 in 4 months via my blog through Google Adsense, I decided this week that it was time for a different tack. You might have noticed an Amazon box in the right hand panel which I've started to fill with some favourites linked to my blogs. As an Amazon Associate I get a referral fee if people go through my site and then make a purchase.

Friday saw my second guest blog published by Brides Up North - Achieving the perfect level of wedding morning zen. Julia, the creator and editor of Brides Up North has already put in a request for next week! I was particularly pleased by this comment from Tory @ Vickerstaff Photography:

Alison, you really have a knack for writing! Thank so much for sharing, even though the morning sounded rather stressful, you still write about it with such joy and emotion. Thanks for sharing! 

At 11am on Friday morning (11th November) I scuttled off to the Cenotaph to pay my respects to the fallen. Remembrance day seems more poignant this year after visiting the First World War battlefields this spring. 

And finally, it was our six month wedding anniversary on Friday. The time has flown faster than a hungry hawk hunting a hobbit (ehh??). It's been bonkers - but I've loved it.


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