Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Summary Sunset

We’re just back from a weekend in London Town where the streets were paved with autumn leaves and French horns. 

This fantastic sunset was taken from the banks of the Thames on woodland walk full of friends, children and an over excited Spaniel who stuck his curly ears into anything requiring investigation.


We were a glutton in Sutton ...... complementary posh prawns at ‘Superfish’ .....

followed by a tasty threesome of Beethoven, Strauss and Mahler. From prawns to horns, we went to see Tris’ parents playing with the Sutton Symphony Orchestra – Cello and French Horn respectively.
In the five and a half years that I’ve known Tris, I’ve never seen them perform.
Very bad Alison!
It was really good and topped up my cultural bucket which was almost empty.
More running in the fog this morning – in the time it took me to eat a bacon butty and drink a cup of coffee, Tris managed to run a 10K race through the Buckinghamshire mud. He was the second muddy moustache home. I’ve seen Tris steaming many times, but this time he actually was – vaporising in front of me.

I don’t think you could get two more extreme musical extravaganzas in one week – The Red Hot Chili Peppers at the start and The Sutton Symphony Orchestra at the end. Other than enjoying both enormously, they have little else in common – apart from maybe the tattoos??
I have a wide and varied taste in music – what can I say!
Looking back over the week, it’s been yet another record one at 'Wonderful Life Blog Central'. I’ve not quite broken the one thousand page views in a week, but I’m getting close. Helped partly by an amazing response to the review I wrote about The Chili Peppers gig which was picked up by their fan site Stadium Arcadium and classed as ‘cool’! I was ecstatic – me, with my pile of ironing and fit flops – cool. Lord above, I’ve waited 42 years for this – Crackerjack!
So, just in case you need to play catch up, here is a summary of last week’s blogs.
Monday – Thought showers really do work. Bullshit bingo anyone?
Tuesday – Take me to the place I love, take me all the way. The officially ‘cool’ Chili Peppers review. Plus a MoBro update on El Poco's tash.
Wednesday – The great debate. The best fish finger memory is still up for grabs.
Thursday – Hard Scrabble Road and Linger Longer Lane. Back to the US of A for some more road tripping.
Friday – Empty Chairs. My weekly guest blog for Brides Up North struck a chord, prompting some incredible feedback. And just for fun – to make us feel really old, we went back to the Summer of 1981 for some pop nostalgia.
Competition winner

 Last week’s caption the action competition ‘Getting Stoned’ was won by Claire Briscoe with...

 Whilst 'roman' across the country, Alison got a stiff neck. 

..... Congratulations Claire, you win your body weight in Turkish Delight!

And finally a big thank you to everyone for reading my blog and for all your lovely comments. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.
A big hug and lots of ‘wonderful’ love - Ax