Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Summary Sunshine

 The sun is shining, so what better moment for a 'Sunday Summary'!


What a week. 

And I've managed to fit in shingles!

How do I do it?

Actually it's drugs - but they are prescription so I guess that's OK.

The shingles - thank you for asking - are scabbing over nicely. Still feeling a bit under par, but definitely on the mend.  Saved me a few quid on Halloween - my face looked so terrifying I didn't need to buy a mask!

This week I tentatively changed my Facebook status to 'freelance writer'. It was one small step for mankind, but one giant leap for me! So there you have it - it's official now!

To the rest of the week Batman ......

This monumental moment was followed by my old university alumni magazine landing on my door mat with a lovely 'Where are the now?' piece on me.

I marked the sad passing of Sir Jimmy Savile by revealing what was in my 'Jim'll Fix It' letter and then promptly went to see another James, for an amazing evening with the band James at The Bridgewater Hall, with a full orchestra and choir.

On Tuesday Cat Dodsworth won last weeks 'Caption the Action' competition with:
Alison was delighted that all her hard work had paid off and her dream had come true - she'd finally bin spotted. 
She wins some lovely cup cakes - once I've made them. Don't worry Cat, I haven't forgotten.
I've been entering competitions as well - my dream walk will hopefully win me a trip to Cologne!
On Wednesday a write up of our wedding was also published on our photographers web site @ FourT4.
On Thursday we went back to New England for some Moosehead and Monkey Butt.
Tris and I then dusted off our deerstalkers and magnifying glasses for an event held in Manchester Town Hall. It was a MCR Literature Festival evening with author Anthony Horowitz who was interviewed by Radio 4's Jenni Murray. Anthony has just published his new Sherlock Holmes novel (the only one to be approved by the family of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). He is probably best known for his Alex Rider series, very popular with teenage boys. But he is also the writer and creator of the ITV series Foyles War and was the driving force behind Midsomer Murders. 
I know Anthony from my National Library for the Blind days, and Jenni I know from The Christie where she sits on the board. Both of them have done fundraising / donor events for me in the past, so I was over the moon to see this double bill. I got a hug off both and floated all the way home. From a writing point of view the evening was like a shot in the arm.
On Friday we GPS tagged Chorley Bucket, for another Sploshingly Good Adventure and I had my first regular guest blog published on Brides Up North - The Name Game. People actually spontaneously left comments - Jeannie wrote:
Your story is fantastic (and I love your writing!) and I totally understand your feeling about keeping your identity. I really hope you can work together to find something you both feel right with. I am so playing that game tonight.
I was over the moon! 
Finally, this weekend we opened our house up to Iranian doctor. Just don't do what I did and watch 'The Curse of The Trip Advisor', before you pimp out your house for money. Before you know it you'll be folding the end of your toilet roll into triangles! 
So there you have it - this week in a nut shell. What a busy bee :-)

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