Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Blackberry Vodka

13th December 2011

I've been brewing my special Christmas potions since August. They've been slowly turning into a magical elixir of loveliness in my kitchen. I've been religiously turning them to spread the sugar and flavours and finally - I've been straining for weeks!

The production line.
So finally we have the first batch, bottled, tagged and ribboned.

I give you (recipe care of Chorlton blogger 'A Thrifty Mrs'), BLACKBERRY VODKA!

I'd better start cracking on with the sloe gin next!



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  1. so love this idea, must try it next year. My brother loves vodka (always sounds a bit iffy saying that, like he gets up and splashes it behind his ears, or on his cornflakes!), so I'm going to give him some toffee vodka this year. I hope he likes it. Sounds like cak to me!

    Sadie x