Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas ales quiz

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20th December 2011

Christmas eh - what a fine excuse for drinking too much and making merry. 

 It's the time when the marketing team down the brewery come into their creative own - the crazier the name for their festive ales the better.

My husband (what's he like) posted a lovely one on Facebook yesterday. I have to say, if Santa stood on my roof like this on Christmas Eve, he wouldn't be coming down my chimney - I'd be lighting the fire.

I've made up a story - see if you can recognise any of the ales. Billy bonus points if you can tell me the brewery. No prize - just for fun!

One Christmas eve, Tris went down the pub with his neighbours, known collectively as the 3 Wise Men, calling on the way for their bonkers friend the Mad Elf.

"Hoppy Newbeer" said the Festive Totty behind the bar. "which of our festive ales would you like?"

"Yule Do" said Tris to the bar maid, "you're a proper Christmas Cracker!"

"Anybody seen my Rednose Rainbeer?" asked Santa, sozzled in the corner of the room. "Mrs Clause is going to put my Rosey Nosey in a Nutcracker if she sees me like this."

"Dasher & Flasher! Donner & Blitzed! Come to Santa."

"Where can they be?"

"Anyone fancy going into town to see a Lap Prancer?" he slurred. 

"Nah" said Tris, we're off to church later for the evening service, we've got to go. It's a Critical Mass.

"You're no fun" said Santa. "Bah Humbug!"

How many did you get then?

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