Thursday, 1 December 2011

Finally - Bring on Christmas!

OK, it's December. 

So now we can finally start Christmas (and not before).

Click on the link for some proper rockin'!

The Christmas cactus is out:

What are you doing hiding in my Christmas cactus?

The sloe gin and blackberry vodka are coming along nicely:

Tris has bleached his 'mo':

And yesterday I spent £5 on a pork pie - it must be 'The Christmas Markets'!

I have some German guests staying at the moment. They went into the city yesterday to explore Manchester. They had a lovely time, but the thing that excited them the most was ...... Primark!

Even my local village is getting in on the act with their annual illuminations, which they've been rockin' since the 18th November!

Happy Christmas (Holiday / Hanukkah etc.) Season everyone from a small corner of South Manchester.


PS. Buying Christmas gifts from Amazon? If you go via the Amazon 'widget' in the side panel of my blog, I  receive 5% of the purchase price from Amazon as a referral fee (at no extra cost to you). Thank you.

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