Friday, 2 December 2011

I've not done that for a while - A Curly Wurly

This week I decided to start setting myself challenges, to re-discover something I've not done for a while. 

So today I've been out and bought a Curly Wurly. 

I think I was about eleven the last time I had a Curly Wurly. They seem much smaller now. I'm sure I used to have to use both hands to hold one!

THIRTY PENCE for a Curly Wurly!!!

There are many things I miss about the 1980's. My youth being one of them ..... Angel Delight ..... the Yorkshire Ripper ...... and a 3p Curly Wurly.

Back to the days of innocence where it was perfectly acceptable to have Terry Scott dressed up as a giant boy scout, rolling around in the hay showing lots of little boys his Curly Wurly. 

It seems that little boys never grow out of their Curly Wurly's. Watch big, butch Tank Commander Gary's frustrations as he gets his "Cully Wully" stuck in the machine.

So, if like me you've not had a 'Cully Wully' since Margaret Thatcher announced that she wasn't for turning, then give it a go. 

Go on - you know you want to!

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