Friday, 2 December 2011

Published in 'Brides Up North'. Don't Tell the Groom - Man Management

It's Friday - yeeehaaaaa! Time again for my weekly guest blog for Brides Up North.

This week I'm covering the tricky issue of how to involve your groom in wedding planning and organisation. 

I became a big fan of the TV series 'Don't Tell the Bride' while I was  - oops - we were planning our wedding. And while I wouldn't advocate going to such extremes (I think Tris would have had me wearing a meringue and married at Griffin Park - home to his beloved Brentford FC), but under supervision, boys do have their uses!

Picking confetti out of my hair - see, boys can be very useful!
Click on the link to read today's article - Up for Discussion, Don't Tell the Groom - Man Management.


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