Thursday, 8 December 2011

Published on 'The Good Review' - Film Review of 50/50

I've just had my first piece for 'The Good Review' published. 

I reviewed the film 50/50. It's billed as a 'comedy about cancer', so I thought I was well placed to comment.

It's not really a comedy though - it's just real life. If you were miserable all the time you'd be exhausted.

I loved the film, even though I cried through most of it. 

Anyway - do have a look at my review and do watch the trailer at the end (click on the link to read my review).

Adam & Kyle - Film '50/50'

New Forest August 2010 - Rockin' the bald look (3 months re. growth).

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  1. Ali - you have made me cry AGAIN! I don't do crying lol