Saturday, 17 December 2011

Published on 'The Good Review' - Film Review of Puss in Boots

17th December 2011

So we went to the Trafford Centre to see the film Arthur Christmas (as per my 14th December blog) however I failed to factor in the extra hour it would take to find a parking space and walk from the overflow car park. I should have known better really.

Not to be thwarted, instead we ended up seeing 'Puss in Boots' - the spin off from Shrek.

The film was in 3D. I did take a photo of me in said attractive eye wear, but I looked like far too much of a dick to post it on the world wide web.

Anyway I wrote a review for 'The Good Review' web site and would you know it, they've published it! Have a read, embrace your inner four year old and if you have time, go and see it. 

It's a  cat and he's in boots - what can I say!
Click here to read my review of Puss in Boots - Amigos!


  1. the husband and daughter are just back from watching this. My girl is 5 and loved it so much that she's dressing up as a cat as I type this!

    I take it as a sign that the film was good!

  2. I did the same Sadie - but don't tell anyone! :-)