Thursday, 26 January 2012

Guilty pleasures

The fire place in my bedroom.

What are your guilty pleasures?

This weekend we bought a beautiful new clock from a shabby chic (or posh w*nk) shop in Ludlow. 

This photo combines the first two of my guilty pleasures - interior stuff that I don't really need but looks great - and photography. 

I suspect I'm not alone in these guilty pleasures, which unfortunately won't make for a particularly interesting blog. I think I'll need to dig a bit deeper.

How about this?

 The bubble wrap that the clock came in - or more to the point - popping it! That's a good one.

I think I got a little bit more into that than polite behaviour allows. Did it look a bit weird? And yes, I know I need a manicure!
 So what else? What other guilty pleasures do I have?

Picture source

Ahh - pickled beetroot.

It's a super food! That I can only eat when Tris is on holiday. You see, one woman's guilty pleasure is another man's nemesis. Beetroot is to Tris what kryptonite is to Superman and garlic to vampires.

He has a similar aversion to radishes and cucumber which apparently are the spawn of Beelzebub.

It makes for very boring salads.

For my next guilty pleasure, what could be finer than cranking up the old VCR and settling down with Pride and Prejudice - box set - from the 1995 TV mini series, starring Jennifer Ehle and the lovely Colin Firth. 

That's not a question - it's a statement!

The drama. The bosoms. The breeches. The sexual tension as their eyes meet across a piano forte. 

Could Mr Collins be any more slimy?

And then there's the wet shirt scene. Frankly it's almost too much to endure!

For many years, my friend Claire and I would set a day aside - probably about once ever three years. We'd sit and watch the whole thing from end to end. All six hours of it and then cheer at the end as Miss Elizabeth Bennett tells Mr Darcy that her feelings towards him are very changed indeed.

So taken was I with the portrayal of Mr Darcy that I even named my  guinea pig 'Colin' after the lovely Colin Firth!

Colin (the guinea pig). 2000-2005.

The last time we managed a Pemberley marathon was in 2007 before Claire had children. Sadly she doesn't seem to be able to justify six hours of bonnets any more and it's just not as much fun 'taking a turn around the garden' without her - booooo!

What other guilty pleasures can I think of?

Sex and the City - obviously.
Fig rolls.
Dancing to Bon Jovi on full volume in my kitchen.
A small bottle of ginger beer while I'm doing the weekly shop.
Filling my trolley in the garden centre with unsuitable plants with beautiful blue flowers.

Oh - and writing. 

Now that's a guilty pleasure in it's own right.

So what's yours?


  1. I am with Tris on the beetroot! uurgh

  2. Ali Its been too long. Almost went to Lyme park last weekend but seems kind of wrong to stand by the edge of 'that' pond (with a smirk on my face) with a hubby and 2 small girls in tow.
    Roll on the next bbc mini series!