Saturday, 7 January 2012

Liverpool Sights

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I love Liverpool - it's only 45mins down the M62 but it feels like a different country. I was only there for one night in The Novotel - but I feel like I've been on my holidays!

Here are just a few snaps from what turned out to be a bit of a grey day by the Mersey.

It's a while since I've been to the centre of Liverpool. The last time I was one of 5,000 Santa's running for charity. It's amazing just how much a beard keeps the chill out!

The city centre has changed massively since then with Liverpool One, the Echo Arena and other developments around the Albert Docks.

But we started with an old centenarian. The Adelphi Hotel is one hundred years old this year. As I walked into the lounge it was like jumping into a time machine and turning the clock back.

"It feels like I've just stepped onto the Titanic!" I said.

Which as it turns out was highly perceptive of me, as 'The Sefton Suite is in fact a replica of the First Class Smoking Lounge on the ill fated Titanic'.

People on their way to America would stay at the Adelphi before sailing on the great liners.

It was massive and beautiful.

Liverpool One.
Down at The Albert Dock.

The new Cavern Club!

A bleak and misty Mersey.

It wouldn't be a trip to Liverpool without The Beatles making an appearance.

So - if you fancy being a day tripper - get a ticket to ride and get your backside over to Liverpool. You'll leave with a Superlambanana a cushion with George Harrison's face on it and a bloody great big smile!

Ta-ra chuck x


  1. I went to Liverpool once in heavy snow. What a great city! I remember eating the best meringue ever in the new Cavern club. I missed seeing the Adelphi though, what a fabulous chandelier.

  2. Hi Maggie - thanks for your comment. I should go to Liverpool more, I had a really great day! Hope you are all well.