Sunday, 1 January 2012

Manc girl in the big city

Continuing the theme of describing a year in three words - here are mine for 2012:

Happy New Year
Off to Marrakech
Off to Barcelona
Launch new web-site
2yrs cancer free
Canoe Caledonian Canal
See War Horse
Support Manchester marathon
Tris turns forty
Visit Olympic London
Tris sees Ecuador

I think that covers the first six months!

So a really happy new year to you - I hope that 2012 is a stunner. It's going to be hard for me to top 2011, but I'm going to have a darn good try.

We've been in the 'big smoke' for a few days and yesterday I made it into central London, meeting up with a friend at The Royal Festival Hall - how very cultured and posh of me. Despite the grey skies, the South Bank was really buzzing.

There were people stressing under The London Eye "I've got a fast track ticket - and it's still going to be an hour and a half - and my bus goes at 2.30pm".

There were people watching the street artists - people sprayed silver standing motionless on boxes, African dance troops doing back flips, people dressed in Elizabethan costumes wearing 'Queen' face masks and a very fed up looking Smurf.

There were the people on barges on the river getting ready for that nights fireworks displays and there were people like me, just wandering and soaking up the atmosphere.

I still get excited about coming to London. It's like pulling on an old familiar cardigan - that's made from the finest cashmere.

Here are a few snaps from the last few days:

Kingston Market - sadly we just missed Jamie Oliver making his Sainsbury's adverts.

Bushy Royal Park - 5K Park Run (where the trees are full of squawking parakeets).

The London Eye.

The wonderful South Bank.

Wild and windy Thames.

A fine bro-mance the following day at Hampton open air pool.

A pool so posh they served smoked salmon bagels in the cafe.

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