Friday, 20 January 2012

Marrakech - amazing cuisine

You can always spot a tourist. They'll be the ones taking photographs of their food!

The food in Marrakech is just fantastic. With a city stuffed full of orange trees - which in turn are stuffed full of oranges, there is no excuse for scurvy.

There is however a good excuse for wind! Make sure you visit Marrakech with a good friend because you will do a lot of farting. But it's very fragrant so I shouldn't worry.

As a former French colony, the French have done their usual trick of leaving a magnificent legacy of fine patisserie. However, in Marrakech they've put their own spin on things - a slight whiff of rose water.

And then there are the salads and tagines ...............  like Lawrence of Arabia on a plate!

Being a Muslim country, Morocco is 'dry'. You can drink alcohol in certain hotels and restaurants but actually it's quite nice to detox. Besides, when you have Muslim whiskey - aka mint tea - why would you want anything else? The showmanship of pouring it from a great height is more than enough entertainment (I don't get out much these days)!

So here is our jaunt told in foodie photos!

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Easing ourselves in gently at Manchester Airport.
My drink matches my new netbook!
Even in Arabic - I bet you still know what it is.
In Marrakech there are oranges everywhere.
Not everything orange - is actually an orange.

Fruit of the day - oranges and dates.
Marrakech night market. Juice of the day - orange!

Marrakech salad at Jardin Majorelle. The juice in the corner looked like the toilet after a bad tagine. But tasted amazing.

Just in case the last photo wasn't close enough.

Different day - a different Moroccan salad.

Marrakech night market - stall 117 "Way to heaven'.

Decided against the 'big head of sheep'.
Mixed skewers.

Couscous and 'stuff' from the night market in Marrakech.
Lunch by Palais el Badii.
Another day - another tagine (meatballs with egg).

Eggstreme close up.
'Posh pots' in a Berber kitchen.
'Berber fridge'.
Magic tea pot.
Mint tea at Musee de Marakech.
Mint tea at Cafe de France in the main square (yes I know it looks like steaming wee!)
Maroccan patisserie - yum!

Fishing for bottles in the night market.

The spice market - the pile at the front is saffron.
Dried fruit stall in the night market (if you go into the souks its cheaper).
Enough to generate biogas to fuel the nation.
Sneaking in that final tagine!

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