Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mike cooks weird sh*t - Pigs ears

My friend Mike.

By day a high flier with a brain the size of a planet (probably Uranus), rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bill Gates, Bill Clinton ...... and other important people who aren't called Bill.

By night - he cooks weird sh*t.

For quite some time now he's been delighting us on Facebook with his culinary oddities. Generally things that make you go ewwwwe . In fact it often is a ewe - just not a part that any of us would consider eating - unless we were on 'I'm a Celebrity' in a Bush Tucker Challenge.

I think its time that my friend Mike had a wider audience, so when this little beauty popped up this week it was time to start a new series.

Pigs Ears!

(Comments are from my friend Mike).

"Can you guess what it is?"

"Ears not to scale ....... and mine aren't as hairy."
"Pig's ears volume 1: poached in an aromatic broth for a couple of hours to soften them up and then cooked quickly on a spanking hot griddle. Right tasty with some mustard on the side."
"Pig's ear #2: stewed in rice wine and soy sauce with sugar, star anise and cinnamon."
And brace yourselves readers, for there is a photo! I'm not sure, but I think that might be ketchup!
 Well Mike - my friend, you've made a right pigs ear out of that one. Or is it the left.......?
Next week Mike boils his own feet and serves them with yak's froth!


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