Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year sunshine - hunting Henry

Christmas - check.

New Year - check.

Back to work - bugger!

How much longer can we drag the festive season out? Well folklore dictates another three days with the Christmas tree, before a year long hex falls on your house.

In an attempt to eek things out just a little bit longer, today's blog looks over my shoulder at yesterdays view.

I am a lucky girl. When I met Tris, not only did I find a proper gem. I gained a fantastic new family - who just happen to live in the world's most fabulous location. Result!

Dodging small children busy falling off their new Christmas bikes, these photos were taken from our sunny walk across Bushy Park yesterday to Hampton Court Palace - former crib of King Henry VIII. 

Bushy Royal Park - literally on my in-laws door step (and location of Olympic cycling time trial)
I told your the trees were full of parakeets - rumoured to have escaped from BBC studios many years ago.
Mistletoe - sadly Tris refused to shin up and get me any!
Only one thing to do under that eh!
Walking through into Hampton Court.
Wonderful, beautiful Hampton Court in the winter sun.
More mistletoe - maybe that's the secret behind Henry's lust?
Hell would have to freeze over before you got me on skates.
More my kind of transport.
Go and visit Hampton Court - it's lovely.
I tried to say no, but they force fed me waffles.
Not a bad way to start 2012!

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