Saturday, 14 January 2012

Published on 'The Good Review' - The Iron Lady

I wasn't sure I wanted to see the film 'The Iron Lady'. But I did - and I would recommend it! Read my review for 'The Good Review' web site! Click here for the link!


  1. no. I will not see it. I think Thatcher is a vile creature and I have no intention of seeing this film! I'm 40, I left school and went on the YTS, I have seen more than enough of this woman and I am not a fan, and that is all!

    Appreciate your thoughts, and I'm glad you liked the film.


  2. Hi Sadie - I feel very much the same. I didn't want to see the film because I didn't want to come away feeling any different - seeing her played sympathetically. She did a lot of damage back then - which we are still feeling today. I guess it was interesting to see a piece of history that I actually lived through. I came away feeling exactly the same towards her as I did when I went in.
    Clearly not for everyone I know.
    Thanks for your comments - keept them coming x