Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dear 14 year old self

I like to keep up with the kids. 

So for a bit of a fast track, every so often I check out Twitter to see what's trending. It's all that hash tag #gubbins!

Usually it's something like #happybirthdayjustinbieber.

But this morning Twitter is going mad for #dear14yearoldself.There are lots of great words of wisdom from people in their 20's!

It's clearly touched a nerve because there are literally thousands of them. Of course I've waded through them all (eh-hem) to bring you the very best. Some are mushy, some a result of a journey of self discovery, and some down right silly.


#dear14yearoldself: You may be fat and your jeans might be tight. But in a few years skinny guys will be wearing skinnier jeans than you.

#dear14yearoldself: Don't let the bullies hurt you. One day, you're going to have a wonderful life, and their words won't matter anymore.

#dear14yearoldself: The LESS you worry about what others think of you right now, the MORE fun school will be.

#dear14yearoldself: The people you worry about impressing right now will probably one day be asking YOU for a job.

#dear14yearoldself: Dont try to talk to the popular girls they will be crackheads in the future.

#dear14yearoldself: Dont worry about kids teasing you for developing a chest early.

#dear14yearoldself: You're going to be 5ft9 in two years yay!

Love & Life

#dear14yearoldself: You are not in love. Go out and enjoy your life instead of trying to be older than you actually are.

 #dear14yearoldself: Not being in a relationship ISN'T the end of the world. and words like 'epic' and 'awesome' are not as cool as you think.

#dear14yearoldself: Its okay to have feeling for girls you are not weird.

Career Advice

#dear14yearoldself: At 18 your parents will stop buying you stuff, so you need to find a job. 

#dear14Yearoldself: Don't take hairdressing at college.

#Dear14yearoldself: Start saving money now! You will thank me later. 

Advice (general)
#dear14yearoldself: Don't leave your new Lacoste on the sofa. The dog's going to chew it up.

#dear14yearoldself: Do shrooms instead.

#dear14yearoldself:  Don't do that acid at Disneyland and get on Honey I Shrunk the Audience.

#dear14yearoldself: I wish I remembered you!!

#dear14yearoldself: You'll pull that right off if you're not careful.

Straight from Yoda!

#dear14yearoldself: Those problems that you think are the end of the world won't compare to the ones you'll have to face 10 years from now.
#dear14yearoldself: Life is going to pan out, completely different to how you expected.

#dear14yearoldself: Don't worry school days aren't the best days of your life; it gets better!

Obviously - judging by this school photo taken in 1983, one piece of advice to myself would have been:
"Stop cutting your own fringe and using Sun-In. It's neat bleach. Your hair will turn green when you go swimming and then fall out. It's OK to go to a proper hairdressers!"

Followed closely by "Buy some tweezers!"

However, like most of today's Tweeters, it would have been about confidence. Whatever my old school friends might say, I was riddled with insecurities and doubt.

"One day you'll realise that being a size 12-14 is actually quite thin. You'll wish you'd have realised this at the time and not spent years starving yourself."

"You aren't a complete minger and one day boys will fancy you."

"Roger Taylor from Duran Duran is unlikely to marry you - it's OK to date someone who isn't famous."

"You don't have to beat yourself up if you don't come top in exams - and it's not the end of the world if you don't become a vet."

"Believe in yourself and your abilities more. You are as good as anyone else." 

"If you ignore them, bullies won't go away. Learn to stand up for yourself. Don't be worried about stooping to their level and give them a good smack if necessary. You're bigger than most of them anyway."

"Drinking 19 Bacardi's on your 19th birthday will make you throw up - lots."

"Assume that what the future holds in store is good - but try to use your time carefully just in case it isn't."

So what advice would you give your 14 year old self?

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