Saturday, 25 February 2012

On the Green in Chorlton

What could be nicer on a sunny Saturday in February than a wander across the river Mersey and through the Waterparks to Chorlton Green.

I always feel very nostalgic making that particular journey. Tris' lived in Chorlton when we first met, so you see I have lovely memories of cycling that route with my nightie and tooth brush in my saddlebag. Brimming with excitement and full of anticipation for an evening of home made quiche and rude word scrabble!

Chorlton is described as the arty, bohemian, shabby chic part of Manchester - with it's plethora of independent shops, bars and restaurants - not forgetting a vegan supermarket. Think 'Chorlton & The Wheelies' and Badly Drawn Boy. It's somewhere that I never get bored of mooching. 

The microbrewery at The Horse & Jockey on Chorlton Green.

Serendipity seems to be shadowing me at the moment. As luck would have it, today just happened to be the last Saturday of the month - which meant that the Farmers Market was camped out on Chorlton Green. 

While shopping in general can be a flippin' chore, give me something a bit different and a bit of personal banter and I'm hooked. 

Christine's Cheshire preserves - "OMG!"  Holy Cow they are good. In fact I'm sitting here eating a selection of Chili Jam, Spicy Quince Chutney and Ginger Marmalade with a nice focaccia (also bought at the market) as I write. 

The high priestess of preserves, Christine was in residence on 'The Green' today. 

As she opened jars of chutneys and jams for us to sample, she told us "I've only been doing this for two years - some of the recipes I learned from my mother, but others - well I just like to experiment".  

She's hoping to make a 'really different' strawberry jam this year and win another 'Great Taste Gold Award' to add to the others she already has in her collection.

Moving on, there was the lady with the pies, who whenever she goes on holiday likes to visit the local markets for inspiration.

 There was beefy meatiness from happy cows.

 And a man in a 'v-neck' who knew his cheeses.

See - dreaming of cheese!

There were also organic fruit and veg, brownies and cakes, Greek and Spanish stalls and lots more.

But it didn't stop at food - there were some lovely jewelery and woolly hat stalls as well. 

However, the one that gave us the biggest giggle was the 'Not for Pussy's' Dog Store. Doggy accessories are, it seems big business. In addition to some very natty collars and leads, there were 'Pup Cakes'.

The chicken and carrot buns with bacon sprinkles were selling like - hot cakes!

There were doggy tutu's for 'Darcy Woof-le'.

And 'goggy doggles' for a pooch with a Prosche. It was bonkers and brilliant in equal measures.

And all the while as we mooched in Manchester a man with an owl - the size of a two year old, watched over us - and why not!

Chorlton Green Farmer's Market takes place on the last Saturday of every month. This is not a sponsored piece - I just enjoyed it and wanted to share.

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