Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Our Valentine routine

Public displays of affection - they should be banned!

But in the meantime ..........

Hell would have to freeze over before you got me onto roller skates in the real world - and Tris isn't really that flexible. 

Click here to see the video of our routine!

But with some bad cropping and a bit of cutting and pasting, here we are, a cross between Torvill & Dean and Shalamar.

So big love to everyone etc. etc.

And if you think Valentines Day is rubbish or it's making you blue - sod 'em! 

Go to M&S - buy a 'Dine in for two for £10' and eat it all yourself. It's only a day!

PS: Great Facebook quote from my cousin:

"Spent most of the shopping trip to Tesco chuckling at all the people scrabbling for over-priced roses and boxes of chocolates. Romance lives on with - "shall we bother? Nah"


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