Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wonderful Homey - homemade rosemary & chili oil

Something quick, simple and cheap for all you 'Homey's' out there.

You can make the most amazing flavoured olive oil by taking:

  • An old HP Sauce bottle.
  • A handful of rosemary.
  • A handful of chili flakes.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.

Bung them all in the HP Sauce bottle (that's a technical term). Leave it for a couple of weeks for the flavours to infuse - and then use it for cooking and salads. 

Keep it in the fridge and it will last a lot longer.
Give it a shake and you've got a beautiful twinkly red hot chili 'snow globe'.

Please note, that according to the web site 'A series of kitchen experiments' if you include garlic, then it may cause botulism - and nobody wants that!

More tips from the 1950's - when I think of them!

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