Friday, 9 March 2012

4Manchester Women - 'Hotty' alert (3 'hotty's' and me)

At the beginning of the week I promised a sneak preview from the first photo shoot for my new 4Manchester Women web site

The web site aims to be really easy to navigate by grouping articles into one of four colour coded categories (Hotty, Homey, Lively & Mummy). 

The first shoot was the 'Hotty' one, very kindly hosted by Bacchanalia in the city centre. The 'Hotty' category will include things like fashion, restaurants, bars, cocktails - basically getting your glad rags on and getting out on the town.

The one picture that I wanted was of four friends caught in the moment, sharing a funny story over a cocktail. I wanted it to be dark and atmospheric, with subtle tones of red (the 'Hotty' colour).

I was feeling 'red hot' when I arrived - unfortunately this was more from fluster than foxy, as photographer Rob and I got stuck in Manchester United traffic and delayed on the metro. I'd forgotten how hard it is to sprint in slingbacks!

So here we go - my ladies, plucked from across Manchester (Chorlton/Firswood, Hale, Irlam and Sale), from right to left as you're looking at us: Emmylou (Madame Lilybud Cupcakes), Me, Claire and Angela. And if you are wondering what we are laughing about - well if I remember rightly I was recalling my cycling expedition from a couple of weeks earlier when, whilst cycling through Altrincham I couldn't work out why cars kept beeping at me. It was only when I got home that I realised that whilst bending over in the saddle, I'd been revealing a large tract of muddy thong.

We will be having another photo blitz at the end of next week where my three ladies and I will be morphing from 'Homey' to 'Lively' to 'Mummy' with effortless ease across Greater Manchester (or at least that's the plan).

Other developments this week are a new Twitter account (@4MCRWomen) and Facebook page ( Don't forget to 'like' and follow us with reckless abandon!

Finally, I've ordered my new business cards - sexy or what - they give me a little shiver :-).

Onwards we go on our exciting adventure, a few small steps forward every day and eventually I'll get there.

A big thank you to:
Photography, Rob Wood
Web site & brand design Emma Burke

If you are interested in reading more about the development of 4Manchester Women:

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