Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Couch to 5K - week 1

Well, my second attempt at week 1 on the 'Couch to 5K' programme is going considerably better this time. After an rather stumbling false start I've managed to get out twice this week. One more session to go before Saturday and I will have officially completed week 1.

Week 1 is a five minute walk, 60 seconds run, 90 seconds walk - repeat for 25 minutes, three times a week.

Having got my support garments and digital watch sorted out, my first 'run' was round my local park. While it was via a cake shop - I managed to avoid temptation and left empty handed.

So what did I learn on this particular sojourn?

Well I learned that the spring flowers are starting to make an appearance.

I learned that George Michael is surprisingly relaxing to run to, and I learned that I don't like the sight of my reflection in the back of a parked hearse. I tried not to take the latter as a sign or comment on my newly found commitment to jogging!

My second outing was along the banks of The Mersey river, where I was only overtaken by a man in a London Marathon t-shirt and a greyhound. Admittedly they were the only people going in the same direction as me, but I am still minded to take this as a positive.

Learnings on this occasion were that Billy Ocean's 'When the going gets tough' comes up with alarming regularity when my ipod is on shuffle. That people really do go out with Sainsbury's carrier bags and pick up horse poo from the paths and that 'Nordic Walking' seems to have become very big on the Cheshire / Manchester border. 

More learnings anon as I continue my journey into jogging.



  1. Running via a cake shop sounds like a very good idea to me! Lovely daffs.

  2. Maybe on the way home rather than going! x