Monday, 5 March 2012

Manchester Tourist

I've just received the 4Manchester Women 'Hotty' photo from my photographer Rob, following our shoot at Bacchanalia in Manchester city centre a couple of weeks ago. I'm really pleased. I think we've managed to capture the image that was in my head. Having it in my head it one thing - explaining it to others and then recreating it is a completely different kettle of fish!

I'm not going to share the photo just yet because I want my 'Manc Chicks' to see it first. But hopefully at the end of the week I can give you all a sneak preview.

In the mean time, with the site being about Manchester and all, Rob and I went out on Saturday to try and capture some iconic (with a twist) images of the city to begin to build up a bit of an image library. It was absolutely brilliant to go and experience Manchester as a tourist. I've been to so many places over the years and 'click - click - clicked' away. But I've never done it in my own city. Once we started looking, there were picture leaping out at us from every corner.

There is such a diversity within the city itself. From the grandeur of the Town Hall to the glass and metalwork of Spinningfields. From the high street chic of Harvey Nicks to the shabby chic of The Northern Quarter. Whatever floats your boat, other than a beach - and maybe a mountain, there is something to suit most tastes in Manchester city centre.

The high point of the day however was being escorted out of The Triangle in Exchange Square by security, who spotted us snapping and considered us to be a terrorist threat! If there are any two people who look less like an al-Qaeda cell then it would be me and Rob! I can't even spell it - I've had to google it, so now I probably am on some suspect list somewhere. 

While Rob is the expert when it comes to photography, I do have my new birthday camera which I'm still playing around with. So if you are interested - here are my favourite photos of Manchester city centre that I took on Saturday.

Manchester Town Hall.
The dude in St Anne's Square.
The Royal Exchange Theatre.
Louis Vuitton at the side of Selfridges.
Exchange Square.
Reflection inside The Printworks.
Sign inside The Printworks.
At the back of Shude Hill.
Probably my favourite picture of the day.
Northern Quarter.
On the back of The Wheet Sheef in the Northern Quarter.
Mooching in the Northern Quarter.
Mosaic and reflections.

Next time you are out and about in your own city - try and see it as a tourist. It's good fun!


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