Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rare sighting on the river Mersey!

To us MancLand locals, this feels like a rare sighting indeed. No, not this pair of breeding Goosander Ducks, with their monster orange feet ........


But the sight of the sun, reflecting on the river Mersey!

The spring equinox currently seems to be delivering on its promise - good times!

Here are just a few snaps from this mornings sunny 'run' along the river.

The area around Jackson's Bridge is currently being torn up to make way for the expansion of the Metrolink. It's not great, but the benefits outweigh etc etc.

Not a bad way to start the day!

No I didn't go to the pub for breakfast - nor did I hire a bike from 'The Bike Barn' (the lovely 2012 sprayed inner tubes are all their very own work!)

Right - I'm off to tackle the ironing pile (it's been at least a month) and watch The Apprentice on catch up. Don't anyone tell me who got fired .........don't you dare!

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