Thursday, 29 March 2012

Strange things in pictures

There seems to be a craze at the moment for photos with something weird hidden within ("don't tell - just share once you've found the mysterious thing - it will being you luck" ...etc).

Well, I've got a few of my own to share today. I've hunted out my old photo album - USA Road Trip 1992 (vol 2) which is stuffed full of photos cataloguing strange phenomenon. 

The strangest ones were taken in Arizona. When I got my photos back from Boots, I could hardly believe my eyes. I'd managed to capture something so strange, so paranormal looking that had 'Most Haunted' been invented, I'd have been sending them in to Yvette Fielding!

And then I realised, that I'd actually loaded the same film into my camera twice and a whole load of my Grand Canyon pictures had been super-imposed on top of San Fransisco!

So - see if you can spot Alcatraz floating in the Grand Canyon, The Golden Gate Bridge emerging from a squirrels bum and the Loan Pine of California's Highway 1 wrestling for position with a desert pointy poker thing!

But of course, if you can see them, don't tell anyone, pass it on as a symbol of good luck and fortune ........... or some such sh*t!


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