Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Web wizardry

Yesterday I was blinded by wizardry! I met with my web designer (aka the mice in the mouse organ), who is currently beavering away building the beast which is

4Manchester Women website design.

In a coffee shop in Stockport, he took me to a different place - a parallel universe. He showed me inside the guts of the site. He showed me the HTML!

"Can you do it like this?" I'd ask, and off he'd go into HTML-Land, type some mumbo jumbo, delete a few bits - and  voilĂ  - done! It's wizardry I tell you!

HTLM - what????

It reminded me of when I worked for The National Library for the Blind - the largest Braille lending library in Europe. That was like wizardry too! I'd see people touch reading massive Braille volumes and I'd see our Braille translation team, turning text into a series of dots. Those who had vision would read the pattern of dots by sight. It was a fabulous and fascinating thing to see. They would explain it as like learning another language with a different alphabet. 

Reading Braille.

With the development of new, more mainstream technologies , such as e-books, the future of Braille is debatable. Out dated to some, essential for others. 

Either way, I'm endeavouring to ensure  that the new 4Manchester Women web site is as accessible as my web designer and I  can make it.

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