Chorley Bucket

The Sploshingly Good Adventures of Chorley Bucket is my children's blog that I publish every Friday. 

Chorley, is a nearly grown up kitten who is exploring this big new world for the first time - getting into lots of scrapes along the way. With a merry 'Harrow' and with some 'pilchards and prunes' his bucket is usually half full, rather than half empty.

Meet Chorley and his friends, Black Jack, the man with the round face who is always carrying eggs, Alan and Boris the fat woodpigeons, the 'orange family' and Disco Dave.

Chorley writing his blog.

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Chorley Bucket is actually based on my cat - Charley Bucket, who did actually come from Chorley (he's nearly 2 years old now) and who does actually announce himself with a 'Harrow' every time he comes through the cat flap.

And we do have fat woodpigeons in our garden (originally known as Boris, Dave and the Shadow Cabinet), a man who carries eggs and an 'orange family' who regularly walk past our window.

It only takes a bit of imagination - once you look at the world around you - to come up with a story. Enjoy x