Travel is my passion. Not the 5* or all inclusive luxury kind, but the:
  • Buy your guidebook
  • Get your rucksack 
  • Go and learn all about and roll around in a new place - kind.

Nothing makes me happier than arriving somewhere new - the sights, the smells, the adrenaline really make you feel like you're alive.

I've never been one for lying all week with the hordes on a beach (I burn too easily for one thing). But I have been known to walk away from the crowds, find my own spot where it's just me, and sit there and try and be absorbed into the earth - invisible but observing. I can't see the point in doing anything else - why go on travels if you're not going to get out there and experience something new.

I've been lucky enough over the years to visit some of greatest cities and most amazing natural wonders that the world has to offer and in 2007 I saved up, bought a round the world ticket and went off travelling by myself. It's one of the bravest but most amazing things I've ever done.

When I was ill, one of my greatest sadness's was the thought that my travelling days were done. It's a massive reminder to get on and do things, because you never know what is around the corner that might stop you. But this year, I've managed to get my rucksack out again, I've got flip-flop tan marks on my feet and it feels brilliant.

I love to write about my travels, something funny always happens - to read my travel blogs click on 'travels' in the list on the side panel. 

Here are a few of my favourite travel pictures. Enjoy x

Sunset over the 12 Apostles, Australia.

Skippy at Wilson's Promontory, Australia.

Sydney Opera House.

Sunrise in Noosa, Australia.

Ice crevasses taken from helicopter flight over Southern Alps, NZ.

Bottom of a lava cave, North Island NZ.

Aukland by night.

Bounty Island - Fiji.

Sunset in Nadi, Fiji.

Peyto Lake, Canada.